paint roof shingles in Colorado

Can You Paint Roof Shingles in Colorado?

Paint is the best way to change the color of your roof without replacing the shingles. When you paint roof shingles in Colorado, it brightens up the home’s exterior and adds curb appeal. In addition, when done correctly, painted shingles improve your home’s energy efficiency and prolong the life of your roof.

Can you paint roof shingles in Colorado? 

Yes! Painting shingles is a practice option for sprucing up an off-color roof. If the color of the shingles doesn’t appeal to you, paint them! However, there are pros and cons. 

Pros of Painted Shingles 

Painted shingles update the house’s appearance and create instant curb appeal. In addition, paint can extend the life of your roof. A protective layer of acrylic latex pain helps the shingles resist UV radiation over time. When done correctly, painted shingles also increase your home’s energy efficiency. The color white reflects heat and causes the house to absorb less heat in the summer so that you can look forward to lower energy bills.

Cons of Painted Shingles

Homeowners should be aware that painted shingles come with extra maintenance. Painted shingles show wear faster than unpainted ones. In addition, they tend to need repainting every five years or so. So, you’ll need to hire someone to clean, repair, and paint the roof. Likewise, the hail damage we often see in Colorado can chip the paint. 

Type of Paint

The paint needs to withstand the sun and rain, so make sure to get one designed for exterior use on roofs. While waterproof paint might sound like a good idea, it can trap moisture and lead to mold growth and rot. Make sure you use water-based acrylic latex paint instead. 


There are many factors to consider before you paint roof shingles in Colorado. For example, different roof materials require different types of paint. Likewise, the amount of paint you need depends on the square footage of your roof. When determining the area, keep in mind the slope of the roof, not the house’s footprint. Painting shingles won’t repair underlying problems. Before starting a roof painting project, get an inspection for any damaged or loose shingles. 

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