Roof Leak With Missing Shingles

Will My Roof Leak With Missing Shingles?

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So, will your roof leak with missing shingles? The short answer is “it depends.” Different factors contribute to leaks, and missing shingles are a warning sign of further damage. While homeowners may not notice leaks immediately, missing shingles put the roof at risk for problems such as moisture, rot, and storm damage. Fortunately, missing shingles caused by storm damage are often covered by homeowners insurance

What causes a roof to leak?

Missing shingles is one item in a list of factors that can cause a roof to leak. Sometimes different problems combine to make a leak more likely. So, it’s crucial to replace missing shingles to prevent other issues. Causes of leaks include: 

Pooling water
Damaged flashing
Storm damage
Wear and tear
Broken or missing shingles
Improper sealing
Attic condensation 

Seams and Valleys

Certain areas of the roof are more prone to leaking than others. For example, weams are the weak spots in a roof. So, it’s a real problem when a missing shingle exposes a seam. If the shingle blows off a seam, the roof will likely leak. However, leaks aren’t as likely if all the seams stay covered.

Valleys are another vulnerable spot. A roof valley is the line where two slopes meet. Rainwater collects in the valley and flows off the roof. So, shingles missing from valleys are more likely to cause leaks than on the regular slope. Whether it’s a seam or a valley, replacing the missing shingles as soon as possible is vital to prevent further damage. 

Will My Roof Leak with Missing Shingles?

Whether you see a roof leak with missing shingles depends on several factors. For example, valleys and seams are more likely to leak than other areas. In addition, issues like pooling water, improper sealing, and roof damage contribute to leaks. So, missing a shingle over an improperly sealed seam increases the chance of leaks. 

What to do About Missing Shingles

If you have a shingle missing, contact a trusted local roofer and ask them if it’s a problem. Most of the time it’s an easy fix. Your best bet is to get those shingles replaced right away so minor issues won’t turn into significant problems. Just Roofs and Gutters is here to help with all your roofing needs. Schedule an appointment online today. 

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