Rooftop vs. Roof Deck in Colorado

Rooftop vs. Roof Deck in Colorado: What is the Difference?

A rooftop deck adds extra outdoor living space to your home. But wait, you may be wondering, what is the difference between a rooftop vs. roof deck in Colorado? While they may sound similar, these two words don’t always describe the same thing. So let’s look at the difference between rooftop and roof deck. 

What is a rooftop? 

The word rooftop describes the structural element at the top of a building, regardless of material or shape. They can be sloped or flat, metal or tile. In other words, the rooftop is the very top of the roof outside the building. 

What is a roof deck? 

Also called a rooftop terrace, a roof deck is an outdoor living space at the top of a building. This is a place for people to gather and enjoy being outside. Roof decks often have furniture such as tables and chairs for entertaining. It’s also an excellent place for a garden, especially when you don’t have much yard space. 

What is the Difference Between a Rooftop vs. Roof Deck in Colorado?

All roof decks are rooftops, but not all rooftops are roof decks. Roof decks are one type of rooftop, but there are many more types of rooftops that are not decks. For example, gabled, hip, and mansard are unsuitable for decks. Even a flat roof isn’t necessarily a deck. It needs the structural capacity to support furniture and people for long periods to be a roof deck. 

Building a Roof Deck

When it comes to understanding rooftop vs. roof deck in Colorado, you also need to consider structural safety. Adding a deck to an existing flat roof is quite the undertaking. Most shelters weren’t built to hold people and furniture over long periods. Before starting such a project, hire a reputable roofing company for an inspection. 

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