What type of roof is best in Colorado

What Type of Roof is Best in Colorado?

The best roof is one that is long-lasting, durable, and beautiful. When it comes to what type of roof is best in Colorado, homeowners need to consider climate, weather, and longevity. Our state faces high winds, wildfires, and hail. So, you’ll want a wind-, fire-, and impact-resistant roof with some curb appeal. 

Fortunately, we have industry standards and tests to determine roof quality. Independent organizations such as Underwriter Laboratories (UL) and The American Society for Testing and Materials (ASTM) test roofing materials under wind, impact, and fire conditions. Using these rating systems helps homeowners determine what type of roof best meets their needs. Talking to a roofing professional can also give insights to guide your decision.

Wind Resistance

Some of Colorado’s high wind environments can experience hurricane-force winds at times. ASTM has different tests for wind speed and uplift force. Their classifying system ranks better material further along the alphabet, so Class A the lowest. For example, Class A wind speed withstands 60 MPH winds, whereas Class F holds up to 110 MPH. Similarly, Class H is at the top at 150 MPH in uplift force. So, If you live in a windy region, look for materials with Class F and H wind resistance

Fire Resistance

Sadly, wildfires are becoming more frequent and severe in Colorado. During a fire, embers can land on the roof and ignite. So, UL and ASTM both have tests that simulate fire conditions and rank materials as Class A, B, or C. Roofing with the Class A ranking can resist severe fire exposure. 

Impact Resistance 

Impact-resistant shingles protect your roof against hail damage in Colorado. UL tests roof coverings by repeatedly dropping steel balls from increasing heights and assigns a number from 1 to 4, with 4 being the best. Class 4 impact resistance means the shingles had no cracks after the highest drop test. 

Best Asphalt Roof in Colorado 

Adding polymers to asphalt makes shingles stronger and more durable. Styrene-blading-styrene (SBS) shingles with polymeric backing material make the best asphalt roofs in Colorado. For example, TruDefinition® Duration STORM® shingles from Owens Corning have an integrated polymer backing that puts them in Class 4 for impact resistance. They also have a Class A fire rating and the highest scores for wind resistance. 

Best Metal Roof in Colorado 

Regarding metal roofs, stone-coated steel gives you the best blend of durability and aesthetics. For starters, it’s made of layers of galvanized metal and coatings of stone granules and acrylics. This makes it far more durable than traditional shingles. In addition, metal is Class A fire-resistant. While it won’t ignite, there’s a possibility of melting in extreme conditions. In addition, stone-coated metal roofing resists wind speeds over 120 MPH and stands up to pounding hail. Plus, it comes in various styles that mimic shingles, shakes, and tiles.  

Best Slate Roof in Colorado

Slate and tile are durable and non-combustible, making them excellent roofing options in Colorado. However, natural slate becomes brittle and vulnerable to hail over time. On the other hand, high-quality synthetic slate is extremely durable. For example, DaVinci composite slate is Class A fire-resistant, Class 4 impact-resistant, and certified to withstand 110 MPH wind. In addition, it’s lighter, more affordable, and easier to install than its natural counterpart. Buyer beware, not all faux slate is equal — material makes a huge difference in quality.

What are roofs made of in Colorado?

The vast majority of roofs in Colorado are made with asphalt shingles. But we also see metal and tile across the state. For many homeowners, the builder-grade shingle doesn’t hold up well. So, they switch to higher-quality materials when it’s time for an upgrade. 

What Type of Roof is Best in Colorado?

Understanding these rating systems is one factor in determining what type of roof is best in Colorado. Cost is another consideration. Bear in mind there are more costs involved beyond the initial price tag. The longer a roof lasts, the more you save on maintenance, repair, and replacement in the long run. Our roofing experts at Just Roofs and Gutters have the expertise to guide you in all your roofing needs. Request a free quote online today.

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