which roof is best for high winds

Which Roof is Best for High Winds in Colorado?

Last year was Colorado’s windiest year in three decades since we’ve taken comprehensive records. In fact, average winds across the state were higher than the national average. This unusual weather has led many homeowners to ask, “which roof is best for high winds?”

There’s not one answer to the question because much depends on your home’s location and weather patterns. In fact, many factors go into protecting your roof from wind damage, such as the roof pitch, materials, and installation.

Is there such a thing as a wind-proof roof?

No roof is completely impenetrable, but there are many ways to make your roof more wind-resistant.


The geometry of a roof affects how well it tolerates high winds. For example, hip roofs, low pitch, and small overhangs stand up against wind damage. On the other hand, high-pitched gable roofs with wide overhangs are less aerodynamic. 


Wind-resistant materials are a huge part of protecting against gusts and gales. For example, builder-grade asphalt shingles can take 60 MPH winds, whereas Owens Corning Duration series can withstand 130 MPH. Metal roofing is another choice for high wind speeds, with some staying strong in 200 MPH winds.


Construction makes a big difference in roof stability. Misaligned shingles, poor nail placement, and incorrectly sealed flashing make your roof more vulnerable to wind. Unfortunately, some roofing subcontractors cut corners during the build. So, when building a new home or replacing an old roof, always go with honest and experienced roofing contractors like the ones at Just Roofs and Gutters


Older and damaged roofs are more susceptible to wind. All roofs have a lifespan, after which they are more likely to fail. Likewise, previous damage, such as missing shingles or damaged flashing, can suffer more damage in the next storm. So, it’s crucial for homeowners in Colorado to get their roofs inspected and repaired after significant storms. Contact your homeowner’s insurance to cover damaged roofs. 

Which Roof is Best for High Winds?

So, in the end, which roof is best for high winds? A hip roof with a low slope and wind-resistant material that’s installed by a knowledgeable crew. Likewise, keeping your roof well-maintained is critical to protecting it from wind damage. Just Roofs and Gutters is here for all your roofing needs. Contact us for a free quote.

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